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The Construction of the Studio Z Leather Wallet or Accessory

Type of Leather
I use the finest top grain, full grain calf skin leather from around the world. This type of leather has a wonderful quality to it, the tight grain which allows the leather to break into a soft (but firm) supple item, without stretching out and losing its shape. Calf skin leather comes in many different finishes from smooth naked, satin, polished, glazed and waxed finishes.

Embossed / Printed Leather
Embossing is a stamping into the leather. The leather used for this process is a Veg Tanned Leather. It holds the design, which had been etched into the metal plate that is pressed (embossed) into the leather with a unique heating process.

Steps to Creating a Finished Wallet
To create a finished wallet, there are many steps to accomplish this, they are as follows:

  • Pick out the leather for the special design of wallet.
  • Select the patterns / dies to cut the leather into the shape of the style of the wallet you have selected.
  • Deciding on what pieces of the design that has to be Split and / or Skived. (This process is thinning the leather). In certain areas, to give the wallet a clean folded edge with durability. After this process is done.
  • Split the body and pockets parts.
  • Skive the edges to be turned.
  • Glue or tape the edges that you choose to be folded.
  • Fold the proper edges and assemble them.
  • Sew the proper pieces, in sequence in accordance with how to assemble the wallet.
  • Usually the wallet is made in different sections and them put together and the final outside jacket (body) piece is put with the inside section and the final stitching is done.

The major aspect of my wallets is the fact I make the credit card pockets on the wallets with all-leather. I then sew them with nylon thread, onto a texon / taffata board (a construction paper with taffata lining material). With this type of construction the wallet has a structural base giving it a longer lasting life, with enhanced durability. I do not compromise on the construction.

Other wallets pockets are made with a taffata sling (soft fabric folded over to give the aspect of a pocket) instead of an all-leather pocket, which tends to make the wallet break down faster and not last as long as a Studio Z Leather construction.

You might pay a little more for my wallet than you have in the past, but I guarantee that my Studio Z Leather wallet will last longer than the other type of construction. So enjoy selecting one of my fine designs. Please look at the pictures to see how I create the construction of the wallet. This similar procedure is done for making Money Clips, Belts, Bags, Travel Bags and Accessories. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me and I will be glad to answer any question you might have.

Thank you,
Robert J. Zarcone