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About the Leather Used for Men's and Women's Wallets

The Italian Calf Skin Leather I choose to use has to have a feel and quality of soft and supple durable leather, with the ability for a long and lasting life.
The Luggage Leather I have made these wallets and accessories with is a Veg tanned leather, with properties of soft firmness and long lasting. This type of leather has the properties that whomever uses the wallet or accessory picks up the characteristic of the individual, which enhances the look and becomes one with you, for that personal connection.
The Embossed Leather on the outside of the wallet gives you the rich and exotic feel (of the real skin) without the cost of the exotic leather. The interior leather used for the pockets and other parts is of a soft and supple Italian Calf skin.

The Exotic Leathers I use range from Java Lizard, Ring Back Lizard (one with circles on the skin) Shark, Ostrich, Snake, Alligator, Sting Ray, Horn Back Croc and Frog. These skins are not endangered species. They are mainly farm-raised for the industry around the world. Exotic skins have the characteristic that goes beyond normal cowhide, between the grain, the texture and the feel, it is an experience that one must hold to enjoy. Not only are they Real Special, but they have the durability bar none. I combine the Exotic Leather on the outside with the Italian Calf Skin for the inside. This combination gives my wallet or accessory a strong exterior with a soft and supple interior, plus being sewn with nylon thread, for durability. A great blend at a great price for these special leather accessories.

I do use a variety of leathers that are available in the marketplace, mainly to purchase the best leather at the best price, so I can offer my customers the great savings.

Thank you,
Robert J. Zarcone